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Business Law

Lexium attorneys are huge fans of the entrepreneur. Our clients appreciate the passion we have to make our clients successful in their businesses. This is true no matter what type the businesses may be – from the small mom and pop florist, to consumer product manufacturers, to cutting edge technology companies. Many of our attorneys have owned and operated their own, non-law firm, businesses, and know what it is like to try to keep profitable in a very competitive and expense filled world. Some of our attorneys have also served as corporate in-house counsel. We have represented some of the most successful businesses in Florida and across the nation, but over the years we have also seen clients’ many missteps, and have the experience to recognize and avoid many of the pitfalls of creating and successfully operating a business. We advise clients in many areas of business law; always keeping our focus on getting the job done, on time and within our clients’ anticipated budget.

Our Practice Strengths:

  • Our attorneys have set up many hundreds of businesses, including incorporation, and preparation of the organizational documents and the core contracts (e.g., employment agreements, product sales agreements and services contracts) to get our clients’ businesses up and going.
  • We assist our clients from the initial rounds of seed financing all the way through the total sale of their companies. Our attorneys will help you understand the nuances of each potential source of funding and avoid costly missteps commonly made by business owners and attorneys alike.
  • We guide our clients in a wide variety of financing options, including convertible notes, conventional loans, and equity investments, from small series seed rounds to large venture fund or private equity backed rounds. We prepare the documentation for, and negotiate each step of, the process.
  • We represent both lenders and borrowers in commercial loan transactions, and our attorneys have represented local, regional, national and international banking institutions in preparing, negotiating and closing loan transactions.
  • We have an incredibly broad inventory of commercial contracts that we have drafted over the years, but we also routinely draft custom contracts to mirror our clients’ specific business models.
  • We represent some of the most exciting start-up and growth-stage technology companies in Florida and other states, preparing technology licensing and intellectual property protection agreements to ensure that their precious secrets and proprietary technology remain theirs and theirs alone.
  • We have exceptional experience in mergers and acquisitions, offering advice that is both practical and sophisticated. Many of our transactions have had a cross-border component. Our M&A transactions have ranged from the tens of thousands of dollars to the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Some of our best deals have not been acquisitions, but instead partnering, strategic alliance and joint venture transactions.
  • Lexium attorneys have extensive experience in regulatory compliance matters, and our clients count on us to navigate through the treacherous areas of complicated regulation.
  • We advise clients on their commercial and contract disputes, with the goal almost always being to keep disputes out of court – our goal being for you to make most of the money, not us.

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