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Make A Payment

Our clients may pay their bills through our electronic payment service.

For your convenience, we have created this portal for you to pay your bill safely and securely. Our system works through LawPay which is a safe and secure card payment service designed for lawyers, and approved by the Florida Bar so our clients can pay with the convenience of a credit card.

How to pay an invoice:

  1. Choose an office to pay: From the two offices choices below, click the button of the Lexium Legal office you are paying - Miami or Tampa Bay
  2. Click the "Pay Securely with LawPay" button: On the office page you selected, click the large "Pay Securely with LawPay" button. This will take you to the LawPay payment portal.
  3. Make Payment: Follow the prompts on the LawPay payment portal and complete the payment process.

Choose An Office To Pay:

   Tampa: (727) 253-4667          Miami: (305) 902-1553