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Commercial Litigation

We are not generally quick to jump into litigation, but if that is the choice, we are tenacious opponents. Our litigators endeavor to pursue each case effectively and efficiently. Developing the right strategy from the beginning to achieve our clients’ goals is key. We have litigated cases in federal and state courts throughout the State of Florida. Some of our attorneys have represented clients in foreign litigation and arbitration proceedings. Our representation of clients in litigation matters has included commercial real estate disputes, brokers’ commission claims, construction disputes, healthcare contract disputes, shareholder disputes, employee claims and many types of collections matters.

Our Practice Strengths:

  • Lexium attorneys are business-savvy and understand complex business arrangements.
  • We are always cognizant of the clients’ bottom lines, knowing that you can win a number of battles while in reality losing the war.
  • Our attorneys have real trial experience. We have a reputation for going up against some of the toughest law firms in the state on high stakes cases.
  • Our attorneys are also skilled at all forms of alternative dispute resolution outside of litigation, including negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
  • We work closely with our clients, sitting down with them at the outset of the case and periodically thereafter to discuss the facts of the case, the clients’ goals, and the probabilities of success.
  • Some of our attorneys have represented clients in international disputes, including arbitrations under the International Court of Arbitration.

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