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International Transactions

We are a proud member of the GBL Alliance, a global network of independent law firms focusing on business law and trans-border transactions. Several of our attorneys have extensive experience in international transactions involving U.S. companies and companies located in South and Central America, Europe and Asia. We advise clients on their international joint ventures, licensing agreements, commercial contracts, contract disputes, purchases, financing and investments. We understand how important it is to be tuned in to the practices, negotiating styles and local laws applicable to foreign deal participants. Some of our attorneys are fluent in Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian, and have owned businesses with extensive operations in Latin America and Europe.

Our Practice Strengths:

  • Lexium attorneys assist their foreign clients in establishing and developing their U.S. presence.
  • We use our network of foreign law firms to assist our clients in managing their international operations.
  • Our team includes lawyers who are familiar with the legal, regulatory and cultural systems of countries in Latin America, India and Europe, and are accustomed to coordinating with local counsel in multiple jurisdictions.
  • One member of our team is Florida Board Certified in International Law and is a recognized authority in international arbitration.
  • We have advised clients on various cross-border investments, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, leases, secured credit agreements, project finance and structured finance agreements.
  • Our attorneys have advised clients on international litigation and arbitration issues, and have arbitrated domestic and international matters under the International Court of Arbitration and ad hoc rules.
  • We have overseen the enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • We have assisted many foreign clients buy real estate in the United States and have unique financing sources to facilitate such acquisitions.
  • We routinely advise foreign clients on the unique challenges they face in purchasing and selling real estate located in the U.S., including avoidance of unexpectedly high estate and gift taxes applicable to foreign owners and compliance with the U.S.’s Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) income tax withholding requirements.

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